Lee Atchison
Scaling & Cloud - Architect, Advocate

Lee has 28 years of experience and committed his career to architecting and building high scale, cloud-based, service oriented, SaaS applications. He has a specific expertise in building highly available systems.

Lee is a Principal Cloud Architect at New Relic. During the last four years at New Relic, he designed and lead the building of the New Relic platform and infrastructure products, and helped New Relic architect a solid service-based system architecture that scales as they have grown from a simple SaaS startup to a high traffic public enterprise.

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"Lee Atchison from New Relic hit it out of the park and down the street with his presentation on highly scaled applications."

Roger Strukhoff in "Cloud Computing on Ulitzer"

Upcoming Events

The following some of the events that Lee will be either speaking at or attending and available for meetings and discussions.

Disney Data & Analytics Conference

Lee will be speaking at Disney Data & Analytics Conference in Orlando, FL.
When: Aug 31-Sept 1, 2016
Where: Disney's Contemporary Resort, Walt Disney World, Orlando, FL
Presentation: Data Driven Software Teams Collaborate to Create Great Software. Do you?
Presenter: Lee Atchison

Enterprise Tech Summit: Minneapolis

Lee will be speaking at Enterprise Tech Summit: Minneapolis in Minneapolis, MN.
When: Sept 15, 2016
Where: Minneapolis, MN
Presenter: Lee Atchison

Velocity: New York

Lee will be attending Velocity: New York in New York, NY.
When: Sept. 20-22
Where: New York Hilton Midtown, New York, NY


Lee will be speaking at re:Invent in Las Vegas, NV.
When: Nov 28-Dec 2, 2016
Where: Las Vegas
Presentation: Understanding, Preparing, and Troubleshooting Dynamic Apps On AWS
Presenter: Lee Atchison
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Architecting for Scale

Lee is the author of Architecting for Scale by O'Reilly Media. As web applications grow, two things begin to happen. They become significantly more complicated and hence brittle, and they handle significantly larger traffic volume requiring more novel and complicated mechanisms to handle this traffic. This can lead to a death spiral for an application that can lead to brownouts, blackouts, and other quality of service and availability problems. This book helps you avoid this death spiral by teaching you basic techniques for building applications that can reliably handle huge quantities of traffic, as well as huge variability in traffic without impacting the quality your customers expect. *Architecting for Scale* is available for pre-order at Amazon.com.

10 Tech Books For Summer Reading

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Lee@Scale provides techniques, guidance, and best practices for how to build web applications that scale to significant traffic volumes. Here is the most recent post:
Why I Wrote the Book on ‘Architecting for Scale’ Jul 25, 2016

As applications grow, two things begin to happen: they become significantly more complicated (and hence brittle), and they handle significantly larger traffic volume (which more novel and complex mechanisms manage). This can lead to a death spiral for an application, with users experiencing brownouts, blackouts, and other quality-of-service and availability problems. “But your customers don’t care. They just want to use your application to do the job they expect it to do. If your application is down, slow, or inconsistent, customers will simply abandon it and seek out competitors that can handle their business. That’s how my new book, Architecting for Scale: High Availability for Your Growing Applications, begins.

Read all at Lee@Scale.

Lee Atchison

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  • Cloud Architecture
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Information Week's Summer Reading List

Check out book #3 on Information Week/Network Computing's summer reading list.

It's Architecting For Scale, by Lee Atchison.

Upcoming Speaking
Disney Data & Analytics Conference Aug 31-Sept 1, 2016
Disney's Contemporary Resort, Walt Disney World, Orlando, FL
DDAC 2016 will bring together over 800 professionals from over 50 industries and academia, and we’ll showcase some of our industry partners and Disney teams in the Conference Showcase. Of course, a touch of magic is always part of our conference.
Enterprise Tech Summit: Minneapolis Sept 15, 2016
Minneapolis, MN
I'm hosting and presenting at a technology summit for interested enterprise customers in Minneapolis. See your local sales rep for information.
IT Cloud Computing Conference Sept. 27, 2016
Seattle, WA
IT Cloud Computing Conference in Seattle, WA.
imPACt 2016 Nov 7-10, 2016
Hyatt Regency, La Jolla, CA
Performance & capacity technology conference.
re:Invent Nov 28-Dec 2, 2016
Las Vegas
Join the largest gathering of AWS users. Connect with peers and cloud experts, at re:Invent 2016.
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Lee Atchison