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Key Takeaways from Continuous Discussions Podcast: The DevOps Toolchain

Aug 13, 2018

On July 17th, I was fortunate enough to take part in a podcast jointly sponsored by Electric Cloud and DZone titled “Continuous Discussions: The DevOps Toolchain”. The podcast was a panel discussion with a variety of DevOps experts from around the industry. I was fortunate enough to be included on this panel.

Continuous Discussions (#c9d9) Podcast, Episode 89: The DevOps Toolchain

Jul 30, 2018

Episode 89: The DevOps Toolchain

Tools must be able to integrate with each other and provide insight into the entire process. Check out the latest Continuous Discussions podcast for insights like this. Lee Atchison was part of the panel of DevOps experts being interviewed during this podcast.

The Four Pitfalls of Cloud Migration

Jul 23, 2018

Migrating to the cloud is easy, right? What could possibly go wrong? There are at least four things I can think of. Often, when we begin a cloud migration, we come in with lofty expectations. As the migration progresses, however, we often find that moving to the cloud isn’t necessarily as easy as we would like it to be - or as easy as we were led to believe it would be. Sometimes, the cloud doesn’t meet our expectations. Promises we’ve been given may not hold true. Promises we’ve made to our stakeholders can turn out to be impossible to keep. Migrating to the cloud is not necessarily the slam dunk we expected it to be.

The Great Serverless Debate

Jul 11, 2018

The concept of “serverless” is on the minds of many developers and operations teams these days. The technology is definitely hot, but is serverless really ready for prime time in production environments? To find out, we invited a pair of New Relic experts, senior director of strategic architecture Lee Atchison and developer advocate Clay Smith, back to the show to debate the issue. Listen in to the podcast on New Relic’s Modern Software Podcast, below or on iTunes: You can also read an edited transcript of the discussion on the New Relic Blog.

Beyond lift and shift: Digital transformation through the cloud

Jul 8, 2018

Traditionally, cloud has been positioned as a cost-effective method of hosting applications. While this mindset has led to some positive cloud migration cases and effective cloud-native application development, the opportunities go much further for ambitious businesses wanting to make the most of the move to the cloud. A cloud-initiated transformation within a business can be the mechanism for providing consistent customer experiences on a global scale.

Preparing to Adopt the Cloud: A 10-Step Cloud Migration Checklist

Jun 25, 2018

Having been involved in cloud computing for more than a decade, I’ve heard from many IT executives working to move key enterprise applications to the public cloud. In several cases, their teams have struggled or had only limited success in their cloud migrations. But they never gave up and they used the lessons they learned to improve their results in subsequent attempts.

Course: Building a Cloud Roadmap

Jun 13, 2018

Join me in learning best practices and understanding key challenges you face when moving a modern software application to the cloud.

3 common mistakes companies make when adopting cloud

May 24, 2018

Cloud computing is mainstream. That’s a fact. Chances are if your company isn’t already extensively using the cloud, it is planning on doing so in the very near future. But be careful. There are many mistakes that companies new to the cloud make when they begin looking into cloud adoption. Here are three of the main ones.

The Future of Kubernetes is not Lambda, it's Containers

Apr 30, 2018

I wrote not that long ago (see article in Diginomica) that the future of serverless is not Lambda, but is technologies such as AWS Fargate. I truly believe this is. Lambda is very useful for some kinds of computing needs, but it is not suitable as a general serverless solution to replace standard programming methodologies for building services and systems.

Building A Cloud Roadmap - An O'Reilly Online Class

Apr 24, 2018

I'd like to invite you all to join me in my new online training course with O'Reilly Media called "Building a Cloud Roadmap". It's part of the new O'Reilly Media live online training series and is delivered as part of their Safari program. The first time the course will be given is 10:00am PT on May 1, 2018. Here is the course description:

Forget AWS Lambda, so long Kubernetes – this is the future of serverless

Apr 23, 2018

Last year I wrote an article on what serverless computing is all about. In that article, I described that while serverless computing doesn’t remove servers, it moves the management of servers to the cloud computing provider, away from your development and IT organization. It removes complexity from application management and enables easier and more significant scaling by sharing server resources across a larger set of consumers. But last year, when you said ‘serverless computing’, you were almost exclusively referring to Function-as-a-Service (FaaS) technologies such as AWS Lambda, Microsoft Azure Functions, and Google Cloud Functions. While there are other serverless technologies – such as serverless data stores and databases – these functional computing services were usually what you meant when you were referring to ‘serverless computing’.

DevOps Reading List: Top 30 Best DevOps Books You Should Read In 2018

Apr 3, 2018

The #1 book on their list is “Architecting for Scale” book by Lee Atchison. As the article says:

"The first one on our DevOps reading list is Architecting for Scale. It is an excellent book to understand real-world paradigms for scaling and managing critical applications. This book covers 5 different elements: availability, risk management, services and microservices, scaling applications and cloud services. This book can be called a practical guide as well, it shows how to prevent an application from becoming slow, inconsistent, or downright unavailable as it grows. Also, in this book the word “Scaling” is explained very well as it is not just about handling more users; it’s also about managing risk and ensuring availability."

Multi-Tenant Cloud vs. Single-Tenant Cloud: An Important Choice

Feb 28, 2018

Whenever we discuss cloud adoption with enterprise companies curious about making the move, one of the first questions is, which is better: public cloud or private cloud? Cloud adopters want to know which approach is most likely to give them better performance, greater flexibility, stronger security, and lowest cost to operate. While these are important requirements,  they miss a critical issue: So you want to share your cloud with others? If you’re working towards an effective cloud adoption strategy, you’d be wise to consider whether you want a multi-tenant or single-tenant cloud offering.

Modern Software Podcast - Multi-Cloud Adoption

Feb 26, 2018

If you still think multi-cloud is all about deliberately choosing several cloud providers to avoid vendor lock-in, you may be missing the point. That’s just one key takeaway from the latest episode of the New Relic Modern Software Podcast, which delves into the complex world of running—and monitoring—applications in multi-cloud environments.

The 2018 Pivot For Dynamic Apps, DevOps: Live Deployment Monitoring Takes Center Stage Away From Container Orchestration

Feb 12, 2018

“The yin-yang of dynamic apps and DevOps may come into a new balance in 2018. Container orchestration will be less important, while monitoring live deployments will become the crucial focus. This shift comes in large part due to big steps in Amazon Web Services, says Lee Atchison, senior director of strategic architecture at New Relic. IDN explores. “ Read this interview with Lee Atchison on idevnews.

Five Revealing Differences In Cloud Adoption Around The World

Feb 9, 2018

I recently went on a global tour covering eleven cities, seven countries, and three continents. During this roadshow I had the opportunity to meet in a variety of public and private forums with a broad array of companies. The common theme among all the individuals I spoke with was a desire to use the cloud within their organization, and how they could measure the effectiveness of their cloud operations.

The Dynamic Cloud: Availability And Scalability For Your Biggest Days

Feb 4, 2018

Does this story sound familiar? It’s the day of the big game. You invite a bunch of your friends over to watch on your brand-new 75-inch Ultra-HD Super Deluxe TV. You’ve got the beer. You’ve got your snacks laid out. Everything’s ready to go. The game is about to start. When, all of a sudden, the power goes out, the lights flicker off, and the TV goes dark. For you and your friends, it’s game over.

The 6 Levels Of Cloud Maturity

Jan 29, 2018

For many enterprises, finding success in the cloud is still a daunting challenge. Too often, organizations set overly high expectations for the benefits while underestimating the amount of work required. An unfortunate result can be a vicious cycle of blame, finger pointing, and grasping for something—anything—that could be considered a victory.

World Tour 2017 - Stop #8: Zürich, Switzerland

Nov 17, 2017

Last public stop on the world tour was Zürich, Switzerland. At this event, we had the opportunity to listen to Pasi Katajainen, CTO Germany of Nordcloud, one of our partners. He continued on from my presentation on migration maturity, and added his take on how cloud migration is as much a cultural transformation as a technical transformation. He further talked about issues around security and system architecture patterns to enable a secure cloud infrastructure.

World Tour 2017 - Stop #7: München, Germany

Nov 16, 2017

Last public stop on the world tour was Zürich, Switzerland. At this event, we had the opportunity to listen to Pasi Katajainen, CTO Germany of Nordcloud, one of our partners. He continued on from my presentation on migration maturity, and added his take on how cloud migration is as much a cultural transformation as a technical transformation. He further talked about issues around security and system architecture patterns to enable a secure cloud infrastructure.

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