Architecting for Scale - Updated Early Release Available

By: Lee Atchison Jan 28, 2016

An updated copy of my book, Architecting for Scale, published by O’Reilly Media, is available for download.

This is the second version under the early release program. The full book is scheduled to be released in May.

The following update was made available to those who have already purchased the early release version of the book:

Hello readers!

We’ve released several new draft chapters of the Architecting for Scale book. We’ve expanded on the Services and Micro Services section, and added two new sections on Risk Management and on Scaling Applications.

The Risk Management section talks about the process and important of risk management. It discusses the difference and significance of Risk Likelihood and Risk Severity. It talks about how to identify risk and mitigate it, and it introduces the concept of the Risk Matrix, and how to create and manage risk using it.

The section on Scaling Applications has several topics talking about how services and their use in scaling your application. It talks about service ownership, service tiers, and service-level SLAs. It introduces the topic of “Two Mistakes High”, which discusses how to mitigate risk in a highly scaled system.

This is in addition to the existing sections on Availability and on Services.

Overall, this is a significant addition of new content that I hope you find beneficial. I suggest you read the Preface again, which gives a short summary of each of the chapters in each section.

I’ve made a survey available for you to share your feedback: http://bit.ly/1KrpnQn.

Please feel free to visit the website at www.architectingforscale.com. You may also be interested in my blog on scaling topics at www.leeatchison.com/atscale.

Thank you!

Lee Atchison