World Tour 2017 - Stop #5: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Thursday was stop #5 on my world tour in Amsterdam, Netherlands. We had a great crowd of customers in attendance, all coming to hear about the cloud and how New Relic can help them in their cloud journey.

I talked about the Dynamic Cloud, Cloud Migration, and Migration Maturity. David Caron, an architect from Pivotal was present talking about Pivotal and the Cloud Foundry platform. We had Arjan Franzen, a development lead from Maxeda talk about their success in using New Relic. Finally, we had Frank Polowicz from New Relic giving a product demo and hosting us all was Neil MacGowan, who talked about the future and New Relic.

This was a similar format we used for the event yesterday in London. In Amsterdam, the primary set of questions I received were about container orchestration, and the value of Kubernetes in cloud migration. Kubernetes is becoming an important component in building and managing dynamic infrastructures using container technologies such as Docker. This is a critical component in the ability to build highly dynamic, highly available, service based applications. We will be hearing more and more about container orchestration — and Kubernetes in particular — in the coming weeks and months, and this technology will be a critical architectural component for modern, high performant, cloud enabled applications.

Also of particular interest to customers at this session were the tools of success in cloud migrations. As was the case in London, cultural changes necessary for achieving a successful migration was an important topic.

We are starting to see a trend here, application modernization in order to allow applications to be successful in a cloud-based future are forefront on the minds of our customers and perspective customers. Strategies and best practices for how to be successful in that migration are of the utmost concern.

I have five more stops on my world tour, all next week. Monday will be customer visits in Frankfurt. Then we continue with the Cloud Road Tour that was so successful in London and Amsterdam by taking it to Central Europe, where we will visit Dusseldorf, Munich, and Stuttgart in Germany, along with Zurich in Switzerland.

Once the world tour is complete, I’ll head on to re:Invent in Las Vegas where I will be, among other things, sharing my world tour results with our customers in attendance. This is in addition to giving presentations, lightning talks, hosting a book signing event, and participating in the newly conceived New Relic Performance Bar at our booth. If you are at re:Invent, look me up and say hi.