World Tour 2017 - Stop #7: München, Germany

Next stop on the world tour for me was Munich, Germany. This event was hosted by ProSieben, a major television network in Germany. I first met with ProSieben after our FutureStack/Berlin event earlier this year. This time, we met at their Munich facility and had several folks from ProSieben attend, along with several other customers who came to their facility for our meeting. AWS gave a partner presentation and ProSieben gave a customer perspective on using New Relic.


ProSieben, like most other major television networks around the world, are facing a large number of their customer’s moving from watching broadcast television, to watching on demand content online. Monitoring their web applications is important to them as it is for most of our customers. But in addition customers such as ProSieben have a need to monitor digital media streams and examine how well those streams are being provided to their customers. This is something New Relic has been focusing on a lot recently, with significant success with customers such as Major League Baseball (BAMTech) in the United States. In order to make sure individual customer’s have a good streaming experience, it is necessary to monitor metrics such as time to first frame, time until user drop, pause/resumes/seeks, buffering pauses, rendering changes, and client errors.

If you have significant video streaming in your applications, talk to your Account Executive, and they can tell you about New Relic’s video streaming monitoring capabilities.

Now we are off to Switzerland for our next event to be held in Zürich.