Lee Atchison to Present at Cloud EXPO NY 2018

By: Lee Atchison Aug 21, 2018

Join me in New York on Nov 13 for the 10th annual Cloud Expo at the Javits Center where I will be giving my talk “Dynamic Infrastructure and The Cloud 
Adventures in Keeping Your Application Running…at Scale”. This will be my second appearance and third presentation at this conference.

To register for the conference and my presentation, please click here.

Keeping an application running at scale can be a daunting task. When do you need to add more capacity? Larger databases? Additional servers? These questions get harder as the complexity of your application grows. Microservice based architectures and cloud-based dynamic infrastructures are technologies that help you keep your application running with high availability, even during times of extreme scaling.

But real cloud success, at scale, requires much more than a basic lift-and-shift migration. It requires successfully navigating the world of the dynamic cloud. The dynamic cloud doesn’t just let you scale your applications, but it makes the process much faster and easier. It also allows your development teams to respond to changes faster, and implement these changes faster. Not everyone is ready for moving their applications to a fully dynamic cloud-based environment, but success in the cloud requires it.

In this talk, we’ll discuss how to keep your application running at scale, and how the dynamic cloud can help make this easier and better. We’ll also talk about what it takes to prepare your organization and your application in order to work in a dynamic cloud.

Lee Atchison