Lee in Diginomica — Two of the Top Six Articles of the Year

By: Lee Atchison Dec 23, 2018

Diginomica published their top six articles for 2018. This was based on reader’s enjoyment and them coming back and enjoying the articles throughout the year.

Number one on the list is my article, "Forget AWS Lambda, so long Kubernetes — this is the future of Serverless" article. This article discusses Fargate and my views on the future of Serverless.

The following is taken from the article:

"AWS Fargate brings most of the value and convenience that AWS Lambda offers to a compute environment that is substantially less regulated and controlled. Containers can contain code written by anybody in any programming language and have nearly any amount of compute and memory requirement. Yet, with AWS Fargate, you can get the management ease and scalability advantages that have so far been limited to AWS Lambda. In other words … you get the best of both worlds."

According to Diginomica, the article is still getting attention. Read the full article here.

That’s Not All

Not only that, but an article I wrote in 2017 was still getting attention in 2018, and made it to the list of top articles in 2018. It is the article “AWS Lambda v Amazon ECS – two paths to one goal, which is best?”, published in June 2017 but still in the top six articles of 2018.

The following is from that article:

"I believe AWS should support a hybrid service. That is, a service with the infrastructure opacity and ease of management that Lambda provides, but which allows the code that is executed to be written and executed within a container environment. This will allow the best of each offering: versatility of container-based applications with the simplified infrastructure management available from AWS Lambda. This would be the best of both worlds, and I hope AWS is considering such a service."

This article essentially predicted the need for a service such as Fargate from AWS, a few months before AWS announced the Fargate service. The key, in my mind, was a service that was Serverless such as Lambda, but managed full containers instead of simple Lambda scripts. This is essentially what Fargate does. You can read the full article here.

Although Fargate is far from idea and still needs some improvements, it is essentially the step in the right direction. It’s the step that I talked about in the "Forget AWS Lambda…" story above, after it was announced.

So, that’s it, Server-less, containers, and Lambda…those were the hot stories of 2018. Not really much of a surprise.

Take a look at all six articles in the story on the Diginomica website.

Lee Atchison