Serverless Articles in ComputerWorld

By: Lee Atchison May 28, 2019

I’ve published two articles in ComputerWorld this month, both on the topic of serverless. They are:

3 ways serverless is a game changer

Published May 16, 2019

The dream of serverless is to enable companies to focus on making their application work, rather than getting tied up with managing infrastructure. Serverless is actually a misnomer: there are still servers, but your cloud provider runs them and dynamically manages the allocation of machine resources. The idea is that a company then only needs to focus on its apps, not its infrastructure.

One question that gets asked frequently is which companies are best suited to serverless, in terms of the benefits they will see? However, determining success is actually less about the type of organisation that should consider serverless and more about the type of computing that is best used for serverless and whether your organisation needs it.

If serverless is right for your organisation, these are the top three benefits you can expect to realise.

4 factors to ruin your serverless migration

Published May 23, 2019

As more and more companies embark on their digital transformation journey, organisations need to upgrade and evolve their infrastructure technology to maintain a competitive edge. The promise of serverless is to allow organisations to focus on their application and not worry about infrastructure, which includes buying, scaling, and securing infrastructure to run their applications.

As I’ve previously discussed, it’s critical that serverless is chosen for the right kind of task. It’s perfect for handling short tasked based jobs that take a relatively small period of time to execute, but it’s less useful for long running tasks or for complex tasks. However, even with a well-considered strategy and a solid budget, the migration to serverless can go awry.

Lee Atchison