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Lee Atchison to Present at FutureStack Sydney and Melbourne, Australia

Sep 5, 2018

Join me in Australia on October 17th and October 19th for our annual FutureStack conference in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia. I will be giving a new talk for the first time, “Keeping Modern Applications Performing – Driving Insights to Action within the Enterprise”. This is continuing my long standing tradition working “down under” with local customers on cloud computing and DevOps with both New Relic and AWS. Once again, I’ll be available before and after the conferences for customer meetings and chats.

The 2018 Pivot For Dynamic Apps, DevOps: Live Deployment Monitoring Takes Center Stage Away From Container Orchestration

Feb 12, 2018

“The yin-yang of dynamic apps and DevOps may come into a new balance in 2018. Container orchestration will be less important, while monitoring live deployments will become the crucial focus. This shift comes in large part due to big steps in Amazon Web Services, says Lee Atchison, senior director of strategic architecture at New Relic. IDN explores. “ Read this interview with Lee Atchison on idevnews.

World Tour 2017 - Stop #1: Sydney, Australia

Oct 23, 2017

Sydney is the home for our fourth and final FutureStack of 2017. I arrived early Sunday morning and spent the day walking along the beach and cliffside of Bondi Beach. The water was crystal clear and beautiful, the weather was warm but not hot, and the sun was bright and shiny. A great way to adjust my internal clock to local time. Last night we went out to a delicious local Chinese restaurant, then ended the evening in a local 1920’s-style Speakeasy.

Join Me On World Cloud Evangelism Tour

Sep 26, 2017

During the months of October and November, I will be undertaking a four week, ten city, six country, worldwide Cloud Roadshow. During this trip I will be visiting key customers and speaking at various events across the globe. I’ll be visiting Australia, New Zealand, England, Netherlands, Germany, and Switzerland.

FutureStack Interview On Compare The Cloud

Aug 18, 2017

Compare the Cloud speaks to Senior Director for New Relic, Lee Atchison at Futurestack. Lee speaks about his previous experience at AWS and the future of e-commerce platforms.

Why I Wrote the Book on ‘Architecting for Scale’

Jul 25, 2016

As applications grow, two things begin to happen: they become significantly more complicated (and hence brittle), and they handle significantly larger traffic volume (which more novel and complex mechanisms manage). This can lead to a death spiral for an application, with users experiencing brownouts, blackouts, and other quality-of-service and availability problems. “But your customers don’t care. They just want to use your application to do the job they expect it to do. If your application is down, slow, or inconsistent, customers will simply abandon it and seek out competitors that can handle their business. That’s how my new book, Architecting for Scale: High Availability for Your Growing Applications, begins.

Customer Successes Take Center Stage at FutureStack London

Jul 7, 2016

What a great day! On Tuesday, July 5, we officially expanded our annual FutureStack user conference beyond San Francisco, kicking off our new FutureStack16 Tour “across the pond” in London. Take a look at the article Customer Successes Take Center Stage at FutureStack London, I wrote that shows what a truly great day it was.