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Preparing to Adopt the Cloud: A 10-Step Cloud Migration Checklist

Jun 25, 2018

Having been involved in cloud computing for more than a decade, I’ve heard from many IT executives working to move key enterprise applications to the public cloud. In several cases, their teams have struggled or had only limited success in their cloud migrations. But they never gave up and they used the lessons they learned to improve their results in subsequent attempts.

Modern Software Podcast - Multi-Cloud Adoption

Feb 26, 2018

If you still think multi-cloud is all about deliberately choosing several cloud providers to avoid vendor lock-in, you may be missing the point. That’s just one key takeaway from the latest episode of the New Relic Modern Software Podcast, which delves into the complex world of running—and monitoring—applications in multi-cloud environments.

Five Revealing Differences In Cloud Adoption Around The World

Feb 9, 2018

I recently went on a global tour covering eleven cities, seven countries, and three continents. During this roadshow I had the opportunity to meet in a variety of public and private forums with a broad array of companies. The common theme among all the individuals I spoke with was a desire to use the cloud within their organization, and how they could measure the effectiveness of their cloud operations.

The 6 Levels Of Cloud Maturity

Jan 29, 2018

For many enterprises, finding success in the cloud is still a daunting challenge. Too often, organizations set overly high expectations for the benefits while underestimating the amount of work required. An unfortunate result can be a vicious cycle of blame, finger pointing, and grasping for something—anything—that could be considered a victory.

How To Pick Multi-Cloud Vendors In The Real World

Aug 11, 2017

This guide will help determine whether a multi-cloud environment is right for your app and offers some advice in choosing the right cloud model for you.