The following are interviews of Lee from various media sources.

Modern Software Podcast

Feb 21, 2018

If you still think multi-cloud is all about deliberately choosing several cloud providers to avoid vendor lock-in, you may be missing the point. That’s just one key takeaway from the latest episode of the New Relic Modern Software Podcast, which delves into the complex world of running—and monitoring—applications in multi-cloud environments.

[We]...invited New Relic’s Senior Director of Strategic Architecture Lee Atchison and Senior Manager of Product Marketing Aaron Newcomb to share the perspective they’ve gained from working with New Relic customers.

Listen to the podcast here.

Modern Software Podcast

Jan 11, 2018
The New Relic Modern Software Podcast is back! For the first episode of 2018, I’m joined by my co-host, New Relic Developer/Evangelist Tori Wieldt, along with Lee Atchison, Senior Director of Strategic Architecture, to discuss the hot-button issue of SaaS security. Specifically, the heretical idea that your precious data may actually be safer with a Software-as-a-Service provider in the cloud than in your own data center.

Listen to the podcast here.

Compare the Cloud 

 Compare the Cloud speaks to Senior Director for New Relic, Lee Atchison at Futurestack. Lee speaks about his previous experience at AWS and the future of e-commerce platforms.

Watch the video here.

theCUBE Interview

John Gray, SVP Business Development, New Relic & Lee Atchison, Cloud Architect, New Relic, joined John Furrier and Lisa Martin at AWS Summit 2016 in Santa Clara, CA.

Watch the video here.

Velocity Interview

My recent interview by O'Reilly Media about my book Architecting for Scale. This interview was recorded during the O'Reilly Velocity conference in Santa Clara, CA, on June 23, 2016.

Watch the video here.

Scalable Architecture with Lee Atchison

Lee Atchison spent seven years at Amazon working in retail, software distribution, and Amazon Web Services. He then moved to New Relic, where he has spent four years scaling the company’s internal architecture. From his decade of experience at fast growing web technology companies, Lee has written the book Architecting for Scale, from O’Reilly.

Listen to the podcast recording here.

Modern Software Podcast: 3 Paths to the Hybrid Cloud

Podcast with special guest Lee Atchison

Talking Microservices and DevOps

Podcast featuring Tung Nguyen (VP Eng, Bleacher Report) and Lee Atchison.

The London Times: Raconteur: Serverless computer

The Sunday Times, London, Mar 12, 2017
Interviewed and quoted in article on serverless computing that appeared in a special edition technology section of The London Times, Sunday edition.

Why Amazon Retail Went To A Service Oriented Architecture

High Scalability, July 7, 2016
Article interviewing me about my experiences at moving to an SOA architecture.