The DevOps Toolchain per Lee Atchison, New Relic

Published: DZone, Jul 27, 2018 [view]

The toolset needs to provide vision across the entire DevOps methodology. Read on for more insights from Lee Atchison in the Continuous Discussions podcast.

“So, when we talk about monitoring, what’s the number one most important thing about monitoring? It isn’t that you use New Relic, it’s that you make sure you monitor at all. Make sure you’re monitoring.”

“You know, there’s a couple different aspects when you think of monitoring. And certainly, if you look at where monitoring sits in the toolchain it looks like it’s at the end, right? It’s after you deploy, it’s out in production, you monitor to make sure it works. [But] monitoring is also about the front-end of the process. It’s about getting data into the pipeline to support planning and improvements and to identify the areas where you need to make improvements to your application. And getting the data that supports decisions on what you should be working on into the front-end.

“So monitoring is this piece really that takes what could be a straight line and turns it into the Mobius loop of the DevOps methodology. It’s the thing that makes it a continuous process. And that’s really what’s critical here.”

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Lee Atchison