The following is a list of major presentations that Lee has given at various events.

Keeping Modern Applications Performing - Driving Insights to Action within the Enterprise

It’s your big day, the day of the year your company either makes it, or breaks it. Your customers expect your system to work, always. Excuses are unacceptable.

To meet this new challenge, your application must use modern tools and techniques. Serverless, containers, and cloud technologies are working with new DevOps processes and risk management concepts in order to build a dynamic, highly scalable, highly available application that meets your customers needs.

And central to all of this is the modern analytics necessary to determine how your system is running and what you need to do to keep it running…at scale.

Your customers demand modern applications, and modern applications demand modern tools and modern analytics.

Are you ready to meet these modern challenges?

Monitoring the Dynamic Nature of Cloud Computing - Building visibility in modern applications

Monitoring applications running in a typical data center is a pretty static process. Monitoring in the cloud is a very different endeavor. Why? The dynamic nature of cloud computing makes keeping track of resources being monitored a non-trivial activity. Additionally, examining the dynamic changes of the cloud environment itself is a valuable tool for detecting and diagnosing problems, yet often is difficult to actually accomplish in a useful and compelling way.

In this session, we will discuss some of the best practices learned both internally at New Relic, and from observing and working with customers, on how you can monitor applications running in this dynamic environment and take advantage of the dynamic nature of the cloud to give you additional insights into your application performance.

Migrating to the Cloud - What to do when things go sideways

What happens when your migration goes sideways? How do you make sure it doesn’t happen again? In this session, we discuss how do migrate your application to the cloud so it doesn’t go sideways. We talk about KPIs, and acceptance criteria. We talk about how to tell when your migration is complete and your system is operating as it should in the cloud. We talk about how to understand what your application is made of, so that you can properly plan and execute your cloud migration.

MLB Advanced Media: Delivering a Digital Experience to 25 Million Fans

The team at AWS & MLBAM joined New Relic to tell the story of how we enabled the team at MLB Advanced Media deliver their business on the biggest days in baseball - 25 million fans and a World Series that made history.

Architecting for Scale - Dynamic Infrastructure and the Cloud

Dynamic Infrastructure and the Cloud.

Life's Too Short...for Cloud without Analytics - Monitoring the Dynamic Nature of Cloud Computing

There are two ways that companies use the cloud: The static method is simply to use the cloud as a better data center. The dynamic method is to take full advantage of the dynamic capabilities of the cloud. This involves allocating resources only when necessary, whether those resources are EC2 instances, queues, files, or Lambda functions.

Fly Two Mistakes High - A Guide to Not Crashing

I fly radio controlled model planes. There is an old adage: “Keep your plane at least two mistakes high”. The same applies when building highly available, high scale applications.

Five Keys to Building High Availability Web Applications

How to keep your web application functioning and highly available.

Enterprise Cloud Adoption Strategies - Opportunities, Issues, Success Strategies

Strategies for adopting the cloud by enterprises. This presentation discusses the process enterprises go through in deciding when and if to move an application to the cloud.

Lee Atchison