Don't Fall Off the Edge - Cloud Computing in an Edgy World

Temperature probes monitoring crops? Micro drones monitoring wind speed in the atmosphere? You don’t have to turn to these novel uses to see edge computing in action, look no further than the Point of Sale device at your local grocery store or the app on your mobile phone that is letting you order a cup of coffee.

Edge computing is all about taking the specific timing-sensitive parts of your application and moving them closer to where they are needed…whether that need is an end user or a source of interesting data, it’s all the same thing.

What really is the edge and how do we deal with it? How do we decide what computing should occur at the edge and what computing should occur in the cloud? How do you verify that your application is doing what it is expected to do? How do you know if you are meeting your performance expectations in the edge? How do you keep visibility in your entire application, whether it’s in the cloud or at the edge?

Lee Atchison