Risk Management - Avoiding Availability Disasters in Service-based Applications

Bringing down an application is easy. All it takes is the failure of a single service and the entire set of services that make up the application can come crashing down like a house of cards. Just one minor error from a non-critical service can be disastrous to the entire application. There are, of course, many ways to prevent dependent services from failing. However, adding extra resiliency in non-critical services also adds complexity and cost, and sometimes it is not needed.

Application availability is best served by focusing your energies and processes on your most critical systems while working to minimize the impact of non-critical systems. Service Tiers are a way to accomplish this.

In this talk, we will learn what service tiers are and how they can be applied to service based applications. Then we will show how to utilize service tiers to keep your application available and functioning as designed. We will use example service definitions to illustrate how service tiers can help you keep your application working.

Lee Atchison