Lee Atchison

リー アチソン

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Lee Atchison

Lee Atchison is a recognized industry thought leader in cloud computing. He is the Senior Director for Cloud Architecture at New Relic. He’s been with New Relic for over seven years where, among other things, he designed and led the building of the New Relic Platform and infrastructure products. As architect lead, Lee has helped New Relic build a solid service-based system architecture that scales as they have grown from a simple SaaS startup to a high traffic public enterprise.

Lee has committed his career to architecting and building high scale, cloud-based, service oriented, SaaS applications. He has a specific expertise in building highly available systems.

Lee is the author of Architecting For Scale, a book published by O’Reilly Media in May 2016.

Lee learned cloud-based, scalable systems while working seven years as a Senior Manager and Principal Program Manager at Amazon.com. At Amazon, he led the creation of the company’s first software download store (app store), created AWS Elastic Beanstalk offering (Platform as a Service), and led the team that managed the migration of Amazon’s retail platform from a monolith to an SOA-based architecture.

Lee is widely quoted in publications such as Diginomica, IT Brief, Programmable Web, CIO Review, and DZone. He has been a featured speaker at events across the globe from London to Sydney, Tokyo to Paris, and all over North America.

Additionally, Lee spent several years in the network management space working for two different startups, and twelve years in the Test & Measurement space at Hewlett Packard. At Hewlett Packard, among other things, he lead standardization work for key IEEE and industry standards in the T&M sector, and wrote a book on building T&M software systems published by Prentice Hall.

Overall, Lee has 32 years of industry experience. He has worked in companies of all size, from very small startups to very large corporate enterprises (such as Hewlett Packard), and all sizes in between. He has multiple patents, including a patent for dynamically managing compute capacity for web page requests at Amazon/AWS (patent #20140156835).

What Lee Does Now

In his current role as Senior Director at New Relic, Lee engages with the greater industry in order to provide thought leadership and technical understanding of trends and best practices. He communicates via speaking engagements, customer engagements, articles, and industry interviews.

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