World Tour 2017 - Stop #1: Sydney, Australia

By: Lee Atchison Oct 23, 2017

Sydney is the home for our fourth and final FutureStack of 2017. I arrived early Sunday morning and spent the day walking along the beach and cliffside of Bondi Beach. The water was crystal clear and beautiful, the weather was warm but not hot, and the sun was bright and shiny. A great way to adjust my internal clock to local time. Last night we went out to a delicious local Chinese restaurant, then ended the evening in a local 1920’s-style Speakeasy.

Monday we are now at the event location getting ready for our FutureStack event. It’s a day full of speaker prep, reading customer briefs, finalizing presentations, and other last minute details. Tomorrow, is FutureStack.

During this trip, I’ll be in six countries on two continents, holding a dozen events and many individual customer meetings. I am hoping to get an understanding on how customers around the world vary in their plans and strategies for incorporating the cloud into their application infrastructures. I suspect some trends, but I hope to confirm or prove false my thoughts on how people think of the cloud across the globe.

My 2017 World Tour is officially underway.

Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia

Lee Atchison