The following is a list of major articles and publications by or about Lee.


The London Times: Raconteur: Serverless computer

Mar 12, 2017
Quoted in article on serverless computing that appeared in a special edition technology section of The London Times, Sunday edition.

18 Cloud Leaders to Follow Online

Mar 9, 2017
Featured as one of the "18 Cloud Leaders to Follow Online" in an article by Kevin Casey in the Modern Software blog.

Don’t Write Off the AWS S3 Outage as a Fat-Finger Folly

The New Stack, Mar 7, 2017
Major bug? Human error? Neither. The AWS S3 outage last week was more like a minor bug in an otherwise solid availability plan executed by AWS.

Minimum viable product considered harmful without architecture

Diginomica, Feb 22, 2017
Agile says build a minimum viable product (MVP) and continuously improve it with DevOps. Just don’t neglect architecture.

Hybrid cloud: what goes where?

Quoted in article, Information Age, Feb 23, 2017
Following an initial period of excitement, when businesses thought that most data and applications were best stored in the cloud, organisations are now reviewing what is the best hybrid strategy for them

How to tell SaaS look-alikes from the real thing

Diginomica, Jan 10, 2017
Isn’t single-tenant SaaS just managed hosting? New Relic’s Lee Atchison delves into the world of SaaS look-alikes to find the real thing.

Delivering Real-Time Insights to Enterprise Customers

New Relic, an AWS Migration Competency Partner Article in AWS Partner Network (APN) Blog, Jan 5, 2017
Article containing quotes by me.

DZone: Monitoring the Dynamic Cloud

DZone, Jan 1, 2017
Article in DZone about my FutureStack/SF talk.


Goldilocks, serverless and DevOps: Five predictions for IT in 2017

IT Pro Portal (republished multiple locations) in IT Pro Portal, Dec 9, 2016

Building Right-Sized Application Services: The Goldilocks Calculation

New Relic Blog, Dec 7, 2016
How to make services just the right size.

Visibility into the Migration From Static to Dynamic Infrastructure [Video]

New Relic Blog, Sept 14, 2016
Short video about mastering the transition from Static to Dynamic Infrastructure.

Why Amazon Retail Went To A Service Oriented Architecture

High Scalability, July 7, 2016
Article talking about me and my experiences at moving to an SOA architecture.

Why I Wrote the Book on ‘Architecting for Scale’

New Relic Blog, July 13, 2016
Blog article talking about the concepts I talk about in my book, and why I consider them important.

Customer Successes Take Center Stage at FutureStack London

New Relic Blog, July 7, 2016
Blog article talking about our FutureStack16 event "across the pond".

10 Tech Books For Summer Reading

Network Computing, June 2016
Summer reading list. Architecting For Scale is the third book on the list.

Scalable systems monitoring helps developers build better apps faster

Tech Target, June 2016
Article in Tech Target by Joel Shore about my presentation on Static vs Dyanmic clouds at Cloud Expo 2016.

New Relic’s Big Day at Fenway Park

New Relic Blog, June 6, 2016
Blog article talking about the New Relic tech event at Fenway Park in Boston.

How New Relic Instruments Microservice Workloads

The New Stack,May, 2016
Interviewed for article.

What Are Microservices and Why Should You Use Them? (Part 1)

Programmable Web, May 2016
Programmable Web Article

Understanding The Role of APIs In Microservice Architectures (Part 2)

Programmable Web, May 2016
Programmable Web Article

Change and the Cloud

CIO Review, April 2016
CIO Review Article

Microservice Architectures: What They Are and Why You Should Use Them

New Relic Blog, Feb 8, 2016
Article written by Lee.

A Look Inside Container Monitoring

By C.K. Oliver in The New Stack, January 2016
Article with quotes from Lee.