The following is a list of major articles and publications by or about Lee.


The 2018 Pivot for Dynamic Apps, DevOps: Live Deployment Monitoring Takes Center Stage Away From Container Orchestration

IDNews, Feb 8, 2018
(interview of Lee Atchison)
The yin-yang of dynamic apps and DevOps may come into a new balance in 2018. Container orchestration will be less important, while monitoring live deployments will become the crucial focus. This shift comes in large part due to big steps in Amazon Web Services, says Lee Atchison, senior director of strategic architecture at New Relic. IDN explores. 

The Dynamic Cloud: Availability and Scalability for Your Biggest Days

New Relic Blog, Feb 2, 2018 [view]
DZone, Feb 5, 2018 [view]
There are two main ways that modern enterprise applications use the cloud. There’s the “better data center”approach to using the cloud, and then there’s using the cloud in a more dynamic fashion.

Multi-Tenant Cloud vs. Single-Tenant Cloud: An Important Choice

DZone, Jan 16, 2018
When adopting the cloud, the question isn't public or private — it's single-tenant or multi-tenant. Here is how to plan for your use case.

Five revealing differences in cloud adoption around the world

Diginomica, Jan 9, 2018
Where you live in the world changes how you feel about cloud adoption. New Relic’s Lee Atchison reveals five differences he encountered on three continents.

Hey You, Get Off My Cloud! Multi-Tenant Cloud vs. Single-Tenant Cloud

New Relic Blog, Jan 8, 2018
Whenever we discuss cloud adoption with enterprise companies curious about making the move, one of the first questions is, which is better: public cloud or private cloud? Cloud adopters want to know which approach is most likely to give them better performance, greater flexibility, stronger security, and lowest cost to operate.

While these are important requirements, they miss a critical issue: do you want to share your cloud with others? If you’re working towards an effective cloud adoption strategy, you’d be wise to consider whether you want a multi-tenant or single-tenant cloud offering.

The 6 Levels of Cloud Maturity

New Relic Blog, Jan 2, 2018
For many enterprises, finding success in the cloud is still a daunting challenge. Too often, organizations set overly high expectations for the benefits while underestimating the amount of work required. An unfortunate result can be a vicious cycle of blame, finger pointing, and grasping for something—anything—that could be considered a victory.


Your data is more secure with SaaS companies than it is with you

Diginomica, Oct 25, 2017
Conventional wisdom says you should protect your data by keeping it close. In reality, it’s more secure with SaaS companies.

Auto Scaling—The Dynamic Cloud Made Easy

New Relic Blog, Aug 24, 2017 [view]
Reprinted in: DZone, Aug 28, 2017 [view]

At New Relic, we talk a lot about the dynamic cloud. The dynamic cloud is the primary method of implementing a dynamic infrastructure, which allows enterprises to build highly flexible, highly available applications that can meet nearly any scaling need. But what exactly does it mean to be dynamic?

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Serverless Computing But Were Afraid to Ask

Diginomica, Aug 8, 2017
Ever wanted to know about serverless computing but were afraid to ask? New Relic’s Lee Atchison tells all and explains its impact on the digital enterprise.

How to Pick Multi-Cloud Vendors in the Real World

DZone, July 21, 2017
This guide will help determine whether a multi-cloud environment is right for your app and offers some advice in choosing the right cloud model for you.

How Many Clouds Do I Need?

New Relic Blog, July 10, 2017
Selecting Multi-Cloud Vendors in the Real World.

Cloud Migration: Measurement at the Moment Of Truth

AWS Blog, July 10, 2017
Article on the AWS Partner Network Blog written by Lee Atchison.

AWS Lambda v Amazon ECS

Diginomica, June 29, 2017
AWS Lambda v Amazon ECS on Docker containers. Which of these pay-as-you-go compute services is for you? New Relic’s Lee Atchison weighs them up.

18 Cloud Leaders to Follow Online

New Relic Blog, Mar 9, 2017
Featured as one of the "18 Cloud Leaders to Follow Online" in an article by Kevin Casey in the Modern Software blog.

Don’t Write Off the AWS S3 Outage as a Fat-Finger Folly

The New Stack, Mar 7, 2017
Major bug? Human error? Neither. The AWS S3 outage last week was more like a minor bug in an otherwise solid availability plan executed by AWS.

Minimum viable product considered harmful without architecture

Diginomica, Feb 22, 2017
Agile says build a minimum viable product (MVP) and continuously improve it with DevOps. Just don’t neglect architecture.

How to tell SaaS look-alikes from the real thing

Diginomica, Jan 10, 2017
Isn’t single-tenant SaaS just managed hosting? New Relic’s Lee Atchison delves into the world of SaaS look-alikes to find the real thing.

Delivering Real-Time Insights to Enterprise Customers

New Relic, an AWS Migration Competency Partner Article in AWS Partner Network (APN) Blog, Jan 5, 2017
Article containing quotes by me.

DZone: Monitoring the Dynamic Cloud

DZone, Jan 1, 2017
Article in DZone about my FutureStack/SF talk.


Goldilocks, serverless and DevOps: Five predictions for IT in 2017

IT Pro Portal (republished multiple locations) in IT Pro Portal, Dec 9, 2016

Building Right-Sized Application Services: The Goldilocks Calculation

New Relic Blog, Dec 7, 2016
How to make services just the right size.

Visibility into the Migration From Static to Dynamic Infrastructure [Video]

New Relic Blog, Sept 14, 2016
Short video about mastering the transition from Static to Dynamic Infrastructure.

Why I Wrote the Book on ‘Architecting for Scale’

New Relic Blog, July 13, 2016
Blog article talking about the concepts I talk about in my book, and why I consider them important.

Customer Successes Take Center Stage at FutureStack London

New Relic Blog, July 7, 2016
Blog article talking about our FutureStack16 event "across the pond".

10 Tech Books For Summer Reading

Network Computing, June 2016
Summer reading list. Architecting For Scale is the third book on the list.

New Relic’s Big Day at Fenway Park

New Relic Blog, June 6, 2016
Blog article talking about the New Relic tech event at Fenway Park in Boston.

What Are Microservices and Why Should You Use Them? (Part 1)

Programmable Web, May 2016
Programmable Web Article

Understanding The Role of APIs In Microservice Architectures (Part 2)

Programmable Web, May 2016
Programmable Web Article

Change and the Cloud

CIO Review, April 2016
CIO Review Article

Microservice Architectures: What They Are and Why You Should Use Them

New Relic Blog, Feb 8, 2016
Article written by Lee.